Pet portraits

Over the years I have created many pet portraits for friends, family and customers. I’ve enjoyed it immensely and have taken great pleasure in enriching peoples lives with a true and sensitive replica of their beloved pet.



portraits in pencil

Pencil Drawings

Beautiful pet portrait sketches at
affordable prices. Perfect gifts for
birthdays and special occasions.
Let me create a remarkable
likeness of your beloved pet.

Pencil Portrait Price List
8”x10”            $125          
11”x14”            $165
16”x20”          $210

portraits in pastel

Pastel Paintings

Pastel is one of my favorite mediums
to work in. The chalks are perfect for
depicting the soft quality of fur. Pastel
needs to be framed under glass.

Pastel Portrait Price List
8”x10”            $350         
11”x14”            $450
16”x20”          $600



Panza bg.jpg

portraits in oil

Oil Paintings

Oil pet portraits have a depth of
color that is rich and lasting.
It takes a bit more time but
the results are worth it.

Oil Portrait Price List
11”x14”  starts at $450.
16”x20”  starts at $850.