This site represents a sampling of the art that I have created over the past twenty years.

Many of my earlier works are in Pastel. With a sense of urgency and color at my fingertips, pastels allowed me to navigate through the fundamentals of shape, color, and light, and allowed me to move quickly with my understanding of form.

Working in Oils has taken me to a new levels. It has magnified my senses and has become the foundation of the Impressionistic style you will see on these pages. 

I’ve been fortunate to have studied with some great teachers and to work with many devoted students. My craft was shaped by my encounters with each one.

On this site you will see a collection of paintings and a few of my Triptychs. Please check out my new work in What’s New. In the Shows page you will find upcoming and current events. And in the Classes/Workshops page you will find all the classes I offer in the San Francisco Bay area. I invite you to also view my ARCHIVE GALLERY.

My newer work can now be seen on Daily


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Barbara Lawrence – Artist, Painter, Marin, CA
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